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OK5ACR - the Radio Club of the Czech Army

The Radio Club of the Army of the Czech Republic (ACR) was established 1st May 1998 upon the decision of the Commander of the 60th Communications Brigade in Prague with the aim of supporting amateur radio within the Czech Army, particularly among soldiers on national service but also amongst other members of the Czech Army.

On 15th May, the Radio Club acquired the sign of the former military club in Kromeriz,

The Radio Club brings together other radio clubs and individual radio amateurs within the Czech Army. As the RK ACR statutes lay down, the Radio Club is an open organization that wishes to collaborate with other radio clubs in the Czech Republic.

Our activities involve not only immediate members but also the Klecany Radio Club, OK1KLE, while an agreement is being drawn up on collaboration with the Radio Club in Brandys nad Labem, OK1KDW. Negotiations on collaboration with other clubs and amateurs have also been successfully held. The first joint action with a club outside the army will be the 1998 VHF Field Day.

The Czech Army Radio Club is not and does not wish to be the merely formal outcome of an official decision. It has been active on the bands from the outset under its own sign - OK5ACR. It transmits daily on short wave bands from Brandys nad Labem QTH (JO70HE) and in the 2 metres band from the Milesovka Hill (JO60XN) from which it is to start transmitting in the 70 cm band in July 1998. Thanks to a loan from OK1FQ, the R.C. is using an ICOM 756 tcvr on SW, an ICOM 746 on VHF and SW and an IC 821 on VHF. It will soon appear on Packet Radio too.

The Radio Club has its sponsorship organizations to thank for its equipment.

What bothers us:

  • insufficient licensed amateurs from the ranks of soldiers on national service - we are addressing this together with military administration bodies and with amateur radio associations;
  • UNLIS OP transmitting on SW and OK0AC under the OK5ACR call sign giving out the name of Patrik and QTH Cesky Krumlov.

What we are looking forward to:

  • the 1998 Youth Field Day and the VHF 1998 Field Day from the Milesovka together with the amateurs from OK1KDW;
  • the preparations for 70 cm band,
  • preparations for Packet Radio on the VHF band.

Would you like to look forward too? Then contact us at these addresses:

3255 Regiment Prague
P.O. Box 8
161 01 PRAGUE
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 220 213 513 or 213 501

Ing. Ladislav GRABOWSKI, OK1FQ
V Olsinkach 1734/A
250 01 Brandys nad Labem
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 202 804 594, +420 602 205 623
E-mail: "ladislav.grabowski at telecom.cz"

OK5ACR looks forward to hear you on the amateur radio bands!

© OK1FQ, 1998