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See You in OK-OM DX Contest!

Rules of the OK DX RTTY Contest

  1. Date: 00:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC Saturday, 3rd full weekend in December.
  2. Mode: RTTY - Baudot.
  3. Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters, according to the IARU band plan.
  4. Category:
    • A1) Single operator all bands high power (> 100 W) - SINGLE-OP ALL HIGH,
    • A2) Single operator all bands low power (< 100 W) - SINGLE-OP ALL LOW,
    • B) Single operator single band - SINGLE-OP 10 M, SINGLE-OP 15 M, SINGLE-OP 20 M, SINGLE-OP 40 M or SINGLE-OP 80 M,
    • C) Multi operators all bands only one signal - MULTI-OP
    • D) SWL
    A1, A2 and C entrants may only change band once in 5 minute period.
  5. Call: CQ OK TEST.
  6. Message: RST +CQ ZONE.
  7. Points:
    a) On 10, 15 and 20 meters bands::
    1 point for contact within own continent,
    2 points for outside own continent (DX QSO).
    b) On 40 and 80 meters bands:
    3 points for contact within own continent,
    6 points for outside own continent (DX QSO)
  8. Multipliers:
    1. for all stations outside OK/OL: DXCC countries and OK stations on each band,
    2. for OK/OL stations: DXCC Countries on each band.
  9. Final score:
    1. for all stations outside OK/OL: total points on all bands x (total DXCC countries in all bands + OK stations in all bands),
    2. for OK/OL stations: total points on all bands x total DXCC countries in all bands.
    3. Contacts with the station that have not sent the log will be counted only in those cases if that station will be listed at least in 3 different logs.
  10. Evaluation, Trophies and Awards:
    1. The participants are evaluated in two divisions: OK/OL and others stations.
    2. In each division and each category there will be list of participants. Awards for all participants will be on the web in printable format (pdf)
    3. Plate to winner in classes  A1 and A2
  11. Logs:
    1. Logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format by web upload on http://okrtty.crk.cz not later than 7th day after the contest. In case if you are sure that your Cabrillo is correct and you have a problem to upload it, please send it by e-mail to: "okrtty at crk.cz".
    2. SWL log will be accepted as plain ASCII text files showing date, band, callsign/message sent by claimed station and callsign of station worked, in chronological order, together with a summary file showing callsign, scoring and full name and address of entrant.
    3. All logs will be confirmed by e-mail.
  12. Disqualification:

    Violation of the contest rules, unsportsmanlike conduct or taking credit for excessive unverifiable QSOs will be deemed sufficient cause for disqualification.

  13. All decisions of the organizer are final.

Cabrillo Specification:



  1. Contest determination

    The contest is open for all stations and is held in two independent parts: SSB and CW. The SSB part runs on each first Monday of the month, the CW part on each second Monday of the month. Each part lasts one hour and starts in November to March at 20:30 UTC, in April to October at 19:30 UTC. Each part consists of 12 monthly rounds each year. A station may participate in any number of rounds. The contest runs on 160 m band in the frequency segment 1850 to 1950 kHz.

  2. Categories

    Single operator, low power (SOLP)
    Single operator, QRP (SOQRP)
    Low power is power up to 100 W, QRP up to 5 W. Note there are various national limits for the 160 m band (e.g. in OK: 1850-1890 kHz - 75 W, 1890-2000 kHz - 10 W).

  3. Exchange

    An exchange consist of RS or RST and three digit serial number (e.g. 59 001 or 599 001).

  4. Points

    Each QSO counts one point; no multipliers. For SWL: one heard station counts one point.The round score is a sum of the points in the round and is reported to the contest evaluator.

  5. Content of the report

    The report contents own call, mode, contest round, score and category (e.g. OK1XXX CW 09/2012 28 SOLP. This means that OK1XXX reports 28 points in CW round of September 2012 in category low power). Missing category is evaluated as category SOLP). A subject of a report sent via Packet or e-mail should contain own call, mode and round (e.g. OK1XXX CW 09/2012).
    A short note up to 30 characters may be added to the report. The note should inform on operator (X/YL, junior op, etc.) and equipment (power, antenna, QRPP up to 1 W). The note will be published in the round results list. More comments (up to 2000 characters) can be included in soapbox. The soapbox is published at the end of the round result list.
    An electronically sent report shall contain no other than above shown data (the additional data could be lost due the automatic report processing). By handing over his report, the contestant declares that all the reported data are correct and that he observed both contest rules and national ham radio operation rules. Therefore, no special declaration is required.

  6. Handing over the report

    The preferred form which practically excludes any additional human errors is to use the form at http://www.a160.net. There are also instructions how to use it. If there appears any problem with the form, he report can be sent via e-mail, via packet, or via snail mail. See paragraph 10 for the respective addresses.

  7. Reports receipt deadline

    The report receiving period ends 14 days after finishing the relevant contest round. The deciding is the moment of receiving the report bt the contest evaluator.

  8. Contest logs

    The contest logs are not obligatory in this contest, however each contestant may send his log of his own accord in electronic form as a *.TXT, *.DOC, *.PDF, *.ZIP, or *.XLS file. Other file format will be rejected as well as files exceeding 50 kB. The sender responds for the content of the file. It is highly recommended to use the Cabrillo format (http://www.kkn.net/~trey/Cabrillo_v2/ or http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo/). The log can be uploaded by means of the form http://www.a160.net or as an e-mail attachment. No other way is possible. The logs are accepted in the same time as the reports and they are published after the reports receipt was closed. Links to the logs are published on the round results list end.

  9. List of results

    After the reports receipt is closed the list of results is generated. Simultaneously, the data are supplied to the running year results table. The year result for each station is the sum of all round results of the station in the year. The scores for CW-LOW, CW-QRP, CW-SWL, SSB-LOW, SSBQRP and SSB-SWL are calculated separately. The results are accessible on http://www.a160.net and on http://www.crk.cz/CZ/RESULTC.HTM. In addition, in OK and OM the results are published in the packet network.

  10. Addresses for reports and logs

    The main communication medium for the reports, logs and evaluation results is the Internet form http://www.a160.net.
    Packet: OK1NE.
    E-mail: Reports for CW - "cw at a160.net"; for SSB - "ssb at a160.net".
    Snail mail: Ing. Julius Reitmayer, OK1NE, U Zámečku 934, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic

  11. Disputes

    The contestant can appeal to the contest organizer (Czech Radio Club - e-mail "crk at crk.cz", web http://www.crk.cz/) against a decision of the contest evaluator. The decision of the contest organizer is definitive.


HAM Abbreviations of the OK and OM Counties

OK - Czech Republic
APA Praha 1 CBU Ceske Budejovice ELI Liberec GJI Jihlava
APB Praha 2 CCK Cesky Krumlov ELT Litomerice GKR Kromeriz
APC Praha 3 CJH Jindrichuv Hradec ELO Louny GPR Prostejov
APD Praha 4 CPE Pelhrimov EMO Most GTR Trebic
APE Praha 5 CPI Pisek ETE Teplice GUH Uherske Hradiste
APF Praha 6 CPR Prachatice EUL Usti n.L. GVY Vyskov
APG Praha 7 CST Strakonice FHB Havlickuv Brod GZL Zlin
APH Praha 8 CTA Tabor FHK Hradec Kralove GZN Znojmo
API Praha 9 DDO Domazlice FCR Chrudim GZS Zdar n.S.
APJ Praha 10 DCH Cheb FJI Jicin HBR Bruntal
BBN Benesov DKV Karlovy Vary FNA Nachod HFM Frydek-Mistek
BBE Beroun DKL Klatovy FPA Pardubice HJE Jesenik
BKD Kladno DPM Plzen mesto FRK Rychnov n.K. HKA Karvina
BKO Kolin DPJ Plzen jih FSE Semily HNJ Novy Jicin
BKH Kutna Hora DPS Plzen sever FSV Svitavy HOL Olomouc
BME Melnik DRO Rokycany FTR Trutnov HOP Opava
BMB Mlada Boleslav DSO Sokolov FUO Usti n.O. HOS Ostrava
BNY Nymburk DTA Tachov GBL Blansko HPR Prerov
BPZ Praha zapad ECL Ceska Lipa GBM Brno mesto HSU Sumperk
BPV Praha vychod EDE Decin GBV Brno venkov HVS Vsetin
BPB Pribram ECH Chomutov GBR Breclav
BRA Rakovnik EJA Jablonec n.N. GHO Hodonin
OM - Slovak Republic
prefix OM1

BAA Bratislava 1
BAB Bratislava 2
BAC Bratislava 3
BAD Bratislava 4
BAE Bratislava 5
MAL Malacky
PEZ Pezinok
SEN Senec
prefix OM2

TRN Trnava
DST Dunajska Streda
GAL Galanta
HLO Hlohovec
PIE Piestany
SEA Senica
SKA Skalica
prefix OM4

TNC Trencin
BAN Banovce n. Bebr.
ILA Ilava
MYJ Myjava
NMV Nové Mesto n. Vah.
PAR Partizanske
PBY Povazska Bystrica
PRI Prievidza
PUC Puchov
prefix OM5

NIT Nitra
KOM Komarno
LVC Levice
NZA Nove Zamky
SAL Sala
TOP Topolcany

ZMO Zlate Moravce
prefix OM6

ZIL Zilina
BYT Bytca

CAD Cadca
DKU Dolny Kubin
KNM Kysucke N. Mesto
LMI Liptovsky Mikulas
MAR Martin
NAM Namestovo
RUZ Ruzomberok
TTE Turcianske Teplice
TVR Tvrdosin
Banska Bystrica,
prefix OM7

BBY Banska Bystrica
BRE Brezno
DET Detva
KRU Krupina
LUC Lucenec
POL Poltar
REV Revuca
RSO Rimavska Sobota
VKR Velky Krtis
ZVO Zvolen
ZAR Zarnovica
ZIH Ziar nad Hronom
BST Banska Stiavnica
prefix OM8

KEA Kosice 1
KEB Kosice 2
KEC Kosice 3
KED Kosice 4
KEO Kosice-okolie
GEL Gelnica
MIC Michalovce
ROZ Roznava
SOB Sobrance
SNV Spisska Nova Ves
TRE Trebisov
prefix OM0

PRE Presov
BAR Bardejov
HUM Humenne
KEZ Kezmarok
LEV Levoca
POP Poprad
SAB Sabinov
SNI Snina
SLU Stara Lubovna
STR Stropkov
SVI Svidnik
VRT Vranov nad Toplou
MED Medzilaborce


Czech Activity VHF/UHF/SHF Contest

You can find rules of Czech Activity VHF/UHF/SHF Contest in .pdf file here.


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